In 15 years of playing together, there have been a lot of course corrections.
The straight altuelle one is: Back to the roots.
Technique has become a lot in the course of time, but through the experiments with the synthesizer sounds it was exaggerated – and so it became obvious visible: the directness gets lost.
In the future, there will be no more synthetic sounds and no loops – so easy is renewal !
The consequence will be clearly audible: the cuts will be shorter and less complex. The multi-dimensional atmospheres and the “epic breadth”, which is now only conditionally possible, will be absent as well as the loops, which were not seldom piece-building and welded together many a cut and gave it his face. But the cuts will be more focused on the core – the musical impulse.
The attention that the operation of the technique requires shall flow back into the creative process – that’s the idea!
From the here and now in blind trust head first fall over and pick up the impulse even before becoming conscious, thus withdrawing the evaluation to unfiltered direct and fresh to express it
– that’s the dream!

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