Cog in the machinerie

Olaf Cogueinthemachinerie.mp3

During the break told Hardy, the engine of his car had croaked. . .

This was not without consequences. . . Maschiiiin kapuuuut!

Although the cause was not a gear, but the gear into a depressing feeling (soulless)

Machine to be known, probably each. (A congenial version of “getting out of here”)

The wonderful “abgewürgte engine” and especially the landing helicopter, which in its

Drama touches the feeling of a threatened soldier his last hope from the battle

“From above” hoped. . .

The machine is fighting so to himself, in the first part turns unexpectedly down a gear

is the tank that niederwalzt martial everything, and then this helicopter. . .

until the engine finally spits oil.

Yes, we are part of this violent society! – Unbearable, as you can hear.

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