“Singing” and text

„Singing“..? But he cannot sing! That´s right – but neither Bob Dylan nor Rio Riser actually could, yet they had something to say to us, and that is what counts. Yes. And Rio Reiser was understandable and with a little effort so Bob Dylan´s mumbling. Right – with BuDu you won´t always clearly get the contents… but very intense and precisely what it feels like: [audio:Gettingoutofhere-Vers01.mp3] You don´t get WHERE he is heading for, but exactly HOW different it can feel from A as absence (or pain of parting) to T as being torn to bits. The lyrics emerge from the moment and may not have the lyrical value of the “Red solo productions” (http:/redsongs.de) but instead for instance allow the guitar to underline a lyrical element in an unequalled way. Quite often the hazard is rewarded with lines like ..”hear the moan of the stone” or others and hooklines one couldn´t rationally conceive. Anyway, this music as a whole cannot be conceived – it happens! It grows… and growing needs time that one usually doesn´t take, because the feeding with titbits works best in an economical way, so the hurried consumer doesn´t have time to waste. We are looking for curious listeners who are searching for a message in music, who want resonance with their feelings and be surprised end refreshed by it.

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