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The letter–M-Mix01-MasOz-Lim.mp3 The song tells the story of someone who tried to write a letter .. . . . . . . . In the numerous attempts to organize the thoughts, is always found the hard way that the core of the message is thought withdraws orders. . . Then fills the trash until it is determined that it (still) is nothing to say, because the heart is still stunned to. . . Everything in its time. . ! – because in the beginning is`nt the word, but the impulse that recorded the whole thing. Only when the surface of this source has calmed down, a clear picture is writable. . . For the credibility of the concept BuDuClan “Everything off the cuff” not to endanger, must be noted here that the percussion not played live (we are a trio!), but was added in post-production.

Water to wine

The avaliable cuts on this site are only the tip of the iceberg. The countless sessions that were not processed for various reasons, do contain some material, that is worth to listen to.
By chance I came across a session from July this year.
Unusual way (both in terms of instrumentation, and the mood) comes this cut reflective and therefore mainly with organ. Of “water into wine”, “the camel going through the eye of a needle”, to “for the friend of flowers is the world full of flowers”, this cut points out in the direction of things, that are beyond the direct access and therefore so difficult to grasp. . .

Renaissance This piece is characterized by a fiddling like in renaissance dancing music. It tells the sad story of a princess so much consumed by her longing that her love´s death almost appears as release…

Father – Epos in 4 Sätzen Dont `t mind – Father – Garden – Far Away ( 16:58 )
Inspired by a true story that really touched me.

1 Sentence: Don `t mind ( until 2:50 )
Not infrequently creates hardship not only by the fact that you are doing something wrong, but the fact that you do nothing . . . This tough and scary condition gives the first set expression. The indifference is perhaps more threatening than attacks !

2 Sentence: Father ( 2:50 to 5:45 )
As a son cries for help: ” Father! ” – Whether the celestial, or the biological is meant is so beautiful in the dark . . . Whether he descends or comes to visit. . . the question is: “When ? ” Waiting a day – and a day – and a day …

3 Sentence: Garden ( 5:45 to 10:30 )
Soft and sweet – this garden is far, but to reach !
so far. . so far away . . . so far . . . – and then this far and strange ” Chinese” sounding solo ; ) The hope for a happy ending lends strength to walk through the dark valleys and is even able to see the crisis as an opportunity.

4 Sentence : Far Away ( 10:30 to 16:58 )
Longing without end. . . and a heart-rending little bass solo ( 14:40 ) .
In the late Father gives son a song
where he can hold view until it is back home . . .

What a beginning ! Crippling hard, the tension builds agonizingly slowly up and openes the story of catharsis and disappointment.

Get your DaDa

Everyone needs a pinch of DaDa for their lives
(like salt, so that the food tastes good!). . .
and everyone who is trapped in the web of beliefs, thought
patterns, etc., needs it all the more. , !
The common trick is: who is in it, it does not notice!
So here’s a little extra DaDa ; ) as a reminder that DaDa gives
every life special highlights. , ,
That this DaDa is urgently wanted, is probably noticeable. , ,


No one cares

A man curses almost uninterruptedly, until also that goes away. . . and he drowns in the sea of tears. . .
He fights, snaps once more for air, and calls for help one last time. . . then he slippes into the strange world of deep grief, which becomes ever more powerful and menacing, crushing him to the end mercilessly.

Hard enough Everything passes . . .and autumn reminds us every year. Autumnal melancholy, completely acoustic and exeptionally conventional.

You`ll never be Gloomy and uncanny, the bass creeps into the scene, which becomes increasingly oppressive and finally leads to bleak paralysis. The resistance, however, remains unsuccessful. . .


wankt hilflos zwischen Trauer und Wut hin und her. . .
Aushalten oder Aufbrechen. . .das ist hier die Frage.
Hier die Kurzversion ( 6:40 )
Hier die ( fast ) ungekürzte Sessionfassung für Genießer ( 13:48 )

Let it last it last-Ses251-081115-M-MasOz.mp3 Lasse diesen Moment ewig dauern . . ! Diese Sehnsucht ist mächtig und wahr. . . Es kommt ganz langsam – aber gewaltig !