Hey, where is this to come back ? After so much “tattered images” it is apparently necessary to remember the great harmony in which we swing
– but we usually do not perceive ..?
Peace is so much more than the absence of war. . .real peace encloses the contrasts.
This precious moment is so fleeting and fragile. . .
My impression is that fewer and fewer search these precious moments,
because they lose the cry for peace throughout the text and not tice that they scare their voices this rather instead it respectful and friendly invite.

. . . and: NOOO ! – This is NOT PANFLUTE, NO PANFLUTE !

Long ago


Die Sommerpause ist vorbei.
Normalerweise werden beim Wiedersehen dann Fakten, Bilder und Erlebnisse ausgetauscht und Ungemach wird einfach ausgelassen – also verschwiegen.
Nett ! Nicht bei den BuDus, da ruft einer aus der Ecke:
“ich will was aus der Südsee* hör`n” . . .ein paar Sekunden und schon geht`s los. . .ich nehme die Jungs einfach mit auf die Reise und sie begleiten mich. Vor der Kulisse von Leichtigkeit, Ruhe und einem sehr weiter Horizont,
wird vermittelt, was erlebt wurde. Auch der erlebte Ärger wird meckernd vorgetragen.

*Anm. Mit Südsee ist die “Dänische Südsee” gemeint


So bright

Sail away It is a great experience, when 50 square meters sails are unfolding and move a sailing yacht with 5 tons weight like weightless through the sea. . .
Is that still “budu”. . . and adds one more other facet ? Or is that already “Schnullie-Pop” ?

Savlonamba A Band wants to be successful and so they publish their material hoping for resonance, which is why there is rarely the rough and unapproachable to be found on record. With BuDuClan it is the other way round: The centre of our attention is the search for the never-heared, and thus the more conventional material is sorted out, because it doesn´t fit our aspiration. Here, Savronamba is an exception – for a change quite conventional, harmonical and without breaks. But this is no concession to the world of advertising that relentlessly errrrradicates the unredeemed and dissonant stuff, but simply because it happened so truely! Even though BuDuClan, too, are looking for resonance – but not for any price!

Soul we are

Namaste ( = I salute the divine in you. ! )