Affentheater (+Video)


3Affen2SWDuhttp://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Affentheater-Ses233-021114-M-Audio-MasOz-Tri-End-Lim.mp3 At the very end of our last session slipped a bloody, raw punk
out of our sleeves. . . how naughty it was spewed – Ugh !

The video is enigmatic. . . Who sees nothing and hears nor speaks,
must be wondering what this is all about . . .and if there is one who
understands something of gardens, then the monkeys !
But even the monkeys were subjected to the delusion of normalization
and must now again only learn what they actually already knew. . . .
– totally crazy ! [flv]http://buduclan.de/wp-content/video/Affentheater.flv[/flv]


http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/P.Unk-Ses227-270514-M-MasOz.mp3 P. Unk is the brother of F.Unk. They come from the line of R.Ock and J.Azz, but are much wilder than this – especially P. Unk !


. . since a swarm of hornets buzzing through the scene. . .
Penertrant and just go on forever, he sucks his fingers through his piece!
With much shouting and Gitarrengelärme, he is after 10
minutes in combat then it moves to the soft.


Nasty girl

Nasty girl-01

Hello, my name is Anastasia – you can call me Nasty !
May I introduce . . . ? Our groupie !
She is “digital”. I found her in the digital cloud that surrounds us like the atmosphere. A brilliant photo from the primeval times of photography, when the reality was even sharper than the television picture today and Photoshop was not necessary, because the picture is convincing. I adopted it to express the “little tick madness” that sometimes haunts the BuDu’s.
The inspiration came from the picture, the text followed, and the music will follow sometime! ( BuDu revers = foreward again… or ? )
For the first time ( in our now 15 year band history ), here is the attempt to start from a finished text …
Both the procedure and the structure are, as an exception, as conventional as they can be. “Nasty girl” was unanimously chosen by us as our muse (assuming she limits herself to dancing during the rehearsals in the future – rather than again, as the play climaxes to rip out the plugs indiscriminately because Nasty feels to get not enough attention for a moment ).
Sontext without song
As I promised at the beginning of this year (see “Nasty lovesong”),
is there now “Nasty-Lovesong Nr 2”: “Nasty girl”
In my mind it is so present that I already can almost hear. , ,
A roguish punk, for once with real chorus.
At some point you will hear it too. . .

All alone

We are never alone because we are always part of the whole. If this link is lost, it may be that we feel alone. . . then it is not really nice in paradise … and who is to go to hell, I do not quite know exactly, because I know none to whom I would wish.


http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Cmeh-Ses274-271116-M+H-MasOz.mp3 As usual, it begins resolutely indecisive. . .a banjo scrawls initially comically to atonal through the area until it seems that it has found its way. . . but this route leads directly into the underground. . .
First only threatening, then aggressive, it goes on a racy ride
downhill. . . Enjoy the ride, but hold on tight !


http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Dubdubdeida-Ses246-300815-M-Mix01-MasOz.mp3 Hörst Du den Zug kommen . . ? . . .oder ist er schon abgefahren . . ? . . .oder entpuppt sich gerade das “Licht am Ende des Tunnels” als Fahrlicht eines entgegenkommenden Zuges ? Da steckt einer sarkastisch dem Schmerz die Zunge heraus ! Vermeidest du den Schmerz, verunmöglichst du die Lust. . !

Weird- ( The blue in the garden )

http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Wird-Blueinthegarden-Ses197_1702-M-Mix01-MasOz.mp3 Whether it is perceived as quality, if 3 experienced musicians,
who knows more than 3 riffs, suddenly playing fresh, bloody and raw punk, just like other young people can, like any judge for themselves. It happened like this. . .
Hardy told beforehand by his attempt to just break open and
to photograph very blue crocuses and his surprise that
said the little blue peaks suddenly and completely disappeared,
as cause he wanted, because the sun had retired. . .

It starts quite “harmless” to. . . but then “point” release it almost abruptly,
turns entirely on the atonal, then starts again in tonality,
parodied the theme and ending perplexed and undecided. . .