“Jella” is also available as a solo production:

http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/ 2-http://redsongs.de/mp3/S-Jellla–aus-6-3-7ALL–Mi EffMast.mp3

Who this version appeals, should visit at http://redsongs.de recommended

there are similar songs, and classical Instrumenals out of my hand.




Sneaks but quite common from the rear of an atonal free passage and places

is leaden a bouncing merrily swinging jazz theme. . . and runs wild

dangerously. . . it dismisses this, but again at the end of his stranglehold. . .

. . . was only joking. . !


http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Lalalalalie-Ses223-120114-M-Mix01-MasOz.mp3 From a carefree flute a light, jazzy atmosphere starts to develop, until the singer starts, bleating like a goat :
“la la lal la lie to me. . .- I promise to believe it ! “

The “beautiful lie” that is so successful because they cunningly exploits the inertia of human nature . . ., if you let them!


Coming home

http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/ComingHome-Ses277-281216-O+Hei-Mix01-MasOz.mp3 Not from “Ten Years After” but “8 hours later”. . .
one comes home from a stressful, dissonant working day and opens the door…

The “Clan” in BuDuClan means different line-ups. Finally it worked out, that DuBu plays.
That means not Mick,Bass and Hardy,Drumms (the basic line-up) but
O.Laf, Bass und Hei Ko, Drumms are playing – that`s DuBu !

All alone

We are never alone because we are always part of the whole. If this link is lost, it may be that we feel alone. . . then it is not really nice in paradise … and who is to go to hell, I do not quite know exactly, because I know none to whom I would wish.

Jazz`s Rock

A special feature ! Here the guitarist plays the bass, the bassman man plays keyboards, only the drummer is still sitting in his seat. , , Although “the concentrated search for the the un-precedented” is missing, but a nice session flow. Taking the bass and so experience a completely different musical organ in our body in its function, was really exciting for me. , .from the joy of playing keyboardplayer he actually is innately before I convinced him to play at BuDuClan bass, not to mention. Who likes to hear him play the keyboard, should look at miba-piano.de for more. . .

Trip into the blue

http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Tripintotheblue-Ses224-010214-M-Mix01-MasOz.mp3 Once again something for the category “jazzy”. . .
From furious free jazz to a delicate and dreamy atmosphere , dreaming a little bit for himself and disappears again in the distance. . .

Needle in the haystack

Starting from BuDu-Urton, the piece opens with care
groping the experiment. . . Poseten Tromaunen and give the
Flow a nasty blow to the jazzy.
The search for a needle in a haystack veräuft – as expected –
because without success, but this is irrelevant because it is about the search.
Paradise will not give it, but if the search should not stop.

Shoot back

Gastbassist ist Lui.