This cut is an exception because it is -not as usual with BuDu, and conceptually wanted – was developed spontaneously out of the moment. The first set comes from a contemporaneous finished solo production, glides into a bandversion. There is so much to say. . . But who today will still listen to the time and the interest 17:50 minutes?
Content pulse is the “oceanic feeling”, which delivers unreservedly the waves of emotions. . . . boundless love and endless grief. . . Something you can not think up, things can only grow and that takes time! . . . and takes BuDu profusely. . . Those who are wondering when it starts because times are not this cut can understand .. . . . The “Phillip Glass fans” will be rocking and the “rockers” to spherical – and so sits BuDu where it belongs: “between all stools.” . .

BuDu makes anyway everything always spontaneous and surprising. . . anything but the classical part, the terms otherwise very strictly through-composed solo productions, returns are now the “fertilization direction” to. Was previously always BuDu fertilized by themes of solo work, now BuDu fertilizes ! Now, there are three possible final versions for this this classic set : “cute / powerful / dance” – “sad / desperate” or “angry / violent / warlike”, they are allowed to develop each of the flow of the game and the momentary mood out … and therefore have a high degree of authenticity in mind.
BuDu brave defies so-called “professional stageacts”.

Anyone who is interested in classical guitar concerts, should visit http://redsongs.de in the CLASSIC department.

BuDu goes Bach

Metamorphosis – no contrast could not be greater: the serious, subtle face-faceted, cool-disciplined music of J.Š. Bach 17th Century. . . disrespectful and rude-sweltering of BuDuClan. Variation on Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier” in the first part, was not, of course – like everything else – spontaneously, but developed at home on my concert baritone guitar. The little melodie at the beginning led me into the deeply revered music of Bach. It opens and runs through the piece, during which it is “slanted” and resolved. The awe-inspiring order of Bach’s view, is a free-jazz passage transferred to a new order, thus their melody receives a new statement. The melody survived ! – Even if the times have changed ! Who likes it, finds on my solo page “redsongs.de” in the Department CLASSIC more of it . . .

Skys are broken

Einst, als die Himmel zerbrachen
sehe ich fast. . . wie die Worte wurden ausgesprochen wurden
” Komm ! Lauf zu mir !”
Die Worte kommen rüber – und ich lauf los
doch Du läufst woanders hin. . .
Die Worte sind ausgesprochen – Die Träume sind vorbei
Söhne des Himmels. . .

Welch trauriges Lied. Hier prallen eine strenge klassische Akkordfolge und freie lautmalerische Passagen unvermittelt aufeinander. . . Alles geht !– wenn es geht. Ob es geht, möge jeder selbst beurteilen.

What a sad song.
Here is a strict classical chord progression and free onomatopoeic passages collide abruptly
another. . . Anything goes! – When it comes. Whether it is, everyone should judge for themselves.




Water to wine

The avaliable cuts on this site are only the tip of the iceberg. The countless sessions that were not processed for various reasons, do contain some material, that is worth to listen to.
By chance I came across a session from July this year.
Unusual way (both in terms of instrumentation, and the mood) comes this cut reflective and therefore mainly with organ. Of “water into wine”, “the camel going through the eye of a needle”, to “for the friend of flowers is the world full of flowers”, this cut points out in the direction of things, that are beyond the direct access and therefore so difficult to grasp. . .


http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Flamudu-Ses210_210713_-M-Mix01-MasOzLIM.mp3 I have not wanted it ( even if it sounds so ) ! Flam (enco a la B ) udu !
That the (conceptually intended) separation of Solo, – and Bandwork is not really feasible. This results from the process of BuDuClan – Sessions:
“Everything from the sleeve …” . . . and inside the sleeve was still this flamencoriff.
I am currently working with my guitar in a flamenco concert, which can be heard on my solo page (redsongs.de) http://redsongs.de/?p=1897 . Who cares how it works with the loops, can study ( particularly well in the first part ) how to “superimpose” the guitars, transforming Budu-trio into a BuDu-quartet. About the opportunity to play solos (without the overall sound getting too thin), I found out how strong the loops are also style- and piece-forming, cause not seldom the recurring theme awards a flow his piece character.
A looper is no toy – but a tool !


Twiglight sleep

http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Twilight sleep-Ses247-130915-M-Mix01-MasOz.mp3

Machmal ist mir die Spielpause zu lang . . . Ich fang dann einfach schon mal an und bade vergnügt ( tonal und rhythmisch vollkommen frei ) im Meer der Klänge und lasse meine Syths und Loops mal ganz hemmungslos von der Leine . . .