Allah il Allah (Video only)

ايل الله الله ايل الله الله

There is no god but Allah. . . We should not pretend that war in the name of God is completely unknown to us. . . It is just some hundreds of years ago, that we ourselves have killed others in the name of God, to enforce the claim to “true faith”. In our global, pluralistic and neoliberal society (where nobody knows quite where Above and Below), such intolerance is completely incomprehensible. In order not to be misunderstood, I must be emphasize, that this music has arisen under the impression of inhuman violence spread by the media and no one can presume to defame the faith of others. We ourselves are surprised, that these current events became music.. . . . .therefore BuDuClan is so exciting ! [flv] il Allah.flv[/flv] This video is from the summer of last year, that is not from our current production and it is uncutted. An audiocut to this title does not exist.

BuDu Manifesto -03

The source of music is originally free of pigeonholes because music arises from a spontaneous need of expression. Insofar, the most vigorous can coexist with the tenderest if it makes sense (anything goes… if it goes). If those who prefer it loud and boisterous would not like to feel the tender, that is not our concern. The sobstuff omits conflict whilst punks make conflict their subject (denying longing and harmony).
Thereby not life in its eternal struggling of contradictions is being made subject of artistic dispute, but it remains neglected by replacement with simple abbreviations as bite-sized monuments of simplemindedness avoiding real life.
The secret cannot be banned, the performance remains spontaneous, the framework is made up of a wallowed model…

BuDu Manifesto -02

about the singing of the birds . . .
Sound arises from an authentic impulse that expresses the living being in the world… and fades again.
Anyone who doesn´t listen misses it, who doesn´t feel into it will miss the message which it actually is. This unity of being here and now incorporates the original power.
Now the spring birds´ tweet-tweet fervently echoes into the world: “fuck me”, and they repeat this urgent desire from biological need rather than joy of singing…
BuDu finds the music like the prick finds the hole.
The products of the music industries, reigned by commercial interests and random repeatability, deny this uniqueness. They style up the artists to make them stars who rehearse for the show and pay them for it and the audience applauds, admires and thus in a fatal way cements the course of our society. Human capital, social garbage and dictions the like strikingly denote what is going on here.
Historically seen the responsibility of arts in society used to be the reflection of the common on an emotional level. – And so it does in a brilliant way: see “DSDS”, the Germany looking for the super star – show on TV.

Musical roots:
– deeply sourced like Bach, intense like (the former) Genesis,
– experimental like King Crimson,
– poetical like Joni Mitchell,
– free like Greatful Dead – Free Jazz…
– interacting like a FreeJazzTrio, an AllStarBand: spontaneous…
– session not at random but in concentrated search for the intensification of a just present impulse – like a “musical conversation”.

BuDu Manifesto -01

BuDu resists obstreperously ! because BuDu has recognised the whole and celebrates it…
All the more unsuitable it seems to depart the happily regained “unity” in bite-size titbits and to offer it in well-arranged rows like a new brand of bisquits (cf. CDs: RECKLESS; FLOW). Well it must make you wonder if such “bad boys” (who tear down everything just to put it together again to some new unity) run the risk in their sacred attempt to be misunderstood as a Pock- Punk-, Jazzband or the like.He who misses for instance the “hypnotic” in a piece,
must endure boredom. NO! We are playing from the moment and want to empty out the whole horn of plenty of music respectively make resound what is just resonating within us; … even more, we want to have others participate in
this process and be astonished with you at what is happening there, like children who listen up to a now noise that they haven´t heard before.
But as there dwells, where the greatest fear sits, also the greatest happiness awaiting, we are daring tentative steps into the unknown – full of promises and full of danger!… and side by side we are working through to new worlds of sound
(if it goes well !), looking for the common flow.
THAT to live through without being a musician oneself, must be wonderful. And just THAT IS IT WHAT IT´S ALL ABOUT!

Anyone who manages not to be scared by all that recklessness will discover a peaceful mind behind it that does not only believe in the “good” but behaves accordingly.

+ history of music ( from the first humming across folk tunes, styles to free music)
+ social sculpture / plastic (??) (musical garbage. stars and clichés vs. What nobody would want to listen to)
+ the horn of plenty the bowl everyone is scooping from: the nature of things and the depth of the human soul.

BuDu Manifesto -04

BuDu resists! BuDu does not just complain – BuDuClan act!
Anyone who deplores the present state of our society and senses the inhumanity in it, must not be surprised at becoming its victim oneself unless there is strenuous opposition.
Scenarios masterfully depicted by Charlie Chaplin (“Modern Times”) or Huxley in the 1930ies are our present-day realities. Interests focussed on maintenance of power overwhelm the longing for a world worth living in, in the same way the snake in Paradise is said to have done…
Sneakingly, the processes of work are being condensed und accelerated in such a way that the “human capital” reaches the highest possible efficiency whereas the “social garbage” is being cheaply administered and fobbed off with residual waste…
And just by the way the pursuit of freedom is being deposed off as well – as we know that freedom is dying as soon it needs to be defended (Thomas Mann). Yet there is no defence even because the lack is not perceived but compensated with little make-belief freedoms.

It takes time to accompany Smetana´s “Moldau” from the well to its mouth into the sea. Perception needs time to connect experience to the inner (intraworldly –Heidegger) conception of self… BuDuClan take their time it needs and thus violate listening habits. BuDuClan refuse to provide utilisable products but invite to participate, to resonate.

“Brave new world” :

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