Can YOU hear . . ? Vers.1 + 5

Can YOU Hear-1

Can YOU Hear-5

. . . the volume with a better understanding is to gain, is known,

is not in moments of emotional arousal rarely forgotten. . .

Can YOU Hear-1 is the first version. It is one of the few tracks that were later re-invented several times. (See also text to galley …) Unbearable, gloomy, scary. . . Under “… more” there are 3 other versions. . . a rock version, a “dripping suffering” etc.


mehr. . .

We dont need it 1-2

Version 1

Version 2 Despair over all the garbage that is distributed over us


“Jella” is also available as a solo production: 2-–aus-6-3-7ALL–Mi EffMast.mp3

Who this version appeals, should visit at recommended

there are similar songs, and classical Instrumenals out of my hand.


End of Hope

With this cut, we say goodbye until mid-August into the summer break.
good times for all of you. . .

Out of my head

You promised END.mp3 Über Jahre aufgebautes Vertrauen kann in einem einzigen Moment komplett zerstört werden. . . Wenn das geschieht, kommt immer erst die Trauer, dann die Anklage, die zur Raserei gesteigerte Wut und letztlich die Resignation. Du hast es versprochen . . !

Let`s talk about (+Video)


Since one knows not at what the other is talking about. . .
because the words the actual motives deliberately disguise!
“Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-what are you talking about..?”
So much villainy generates anger til it ends in compassion
for that messed up soul ( YES ! – a happy ending!)
The Audiocut is much more diverse than the eponymous video.


Mamama From the faint brownish grey atmosphere of a mediaeval dancing song slowly
emerges a despairing cry…
But first we we have to endure the endless complaints about a hard life full of
hardships, the exuberant anger and the increasingly desperate cry for the mother in
greatest need. . to a surprising manner still to be found finally a powerful end that
overcomes all that suffering.


For a start the bass (sparkling with inspiration) is driving the pack ahead until the singer at last gets lost in a lonesome desperate monologue…

Feel me heal me

After a dark and mysterious beginning you can hear someone crying for love. . . ( that you`ll never can find, with this crying, cause love hides from violence and greed – that`s the dispair ! ) How much love can you bear . . ?