Summertime – ( Gershwin )

The piece comes out of the ether and. . . loses himself in it – as do we!

It is formed from a furious free jazz, who after he “danced” to rest. . .

listening and opens again. . .

Not tonal Lying close, but the atmosphere opens the door to a common

musical walk. . . . as blowing in a familiar tune, is welcomed

and cited, where the memory goes. . .

Since the Summer mood but in stark contrast to just herrrschenden season

stood, suggested the idea of ​​”winter time” and not start by turning on of endless cars and

to sing the wheels. . . . what later (due to a more massive expectant

Bass pulse) to “times was in” is because even after Brecht) (a conversation about trees

Crime because it includes so many horrors .. . .

and Rrrrrrrrratz-Fatz – still pure tinkered some Maschienengewehrsalven – DONE!

BuDu goes Bach

Metamorphosis – no contrast could not be greater: the serious, subtle face-faceted, cool-disciplined music of J.Š. Bach 17th Century. . . disrespectful and rude-sweltering of BuDuClan. Variation on Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier” in the first part, was not, of course – like everything else – spontaneously, but developed at home on my concert baritone guitar. The little melodie at the beginning led me into the deeply revered music of Bach. It opens and runs through the piece, during which it is “slanted” and resolved. The awe-inspiring order of Bach’s view, is a free-jazz passage transferred to a new order, thus their melody receives a new statement. The melody survived ! – Even if the times have changed ! Who likes it, finds on my solo page “” in the Department CLASSIC more of it . . .

Mary ( Can )

Here is an old theme of the group “Can” is cited. Guest bassist Lui.

Jingo ( Santana ) ( Present für Hardy ) Wer kennt es noch . . .oder etwa noch nicht ? Jingo von Santana gehört für mich zum Soundtrack meiner Jugend. . .und offenbar nicht nur meiner. Die Drums, die das Stück beginnen, haben trotz ihrer Einachheit – oder gerade deswegen – einen ungeheuren Wiedererkennungs- wert, der an Geheimnis grenzt. . . Letztlich ist uns dabei m.E. keine schlechte Kopie, sondern eine eigene Interpretation aus dem Ärmel gerutscht. . . Auch, wenn das “Heer der Percussionisten” fehlt , und mir leider die stückprägende Sologitarre in der Session aus dem Stand nicht vollständig verfügbar war. Da ich sie aber für unerläßlich halte, habe ich im Studio nachgebessert. ( Present für Hardy ) Who knows it yet. , .or about yet? Santana`s “Jingo” is for me one of the the soundtracks of my youth. , . and obviously not just mine. . . The drums begin the piece, despite their simlicity – or perhaps because of – a tremendous brand recognition value, which is adjacent to secrecy. , , Ultimately, we made no bad copy, but an own interpretation, that slipped out of our sleeves . . . Also, if the “army of percussionists” is missing, and I, unfortunately, the formative solo guitar piece is not completely in the session from the state was available. Since I consider to be essential but, I have improved in the studio.