We are a TRIO!
All tracks have been developed LIVE and
On this page are currently a total of 398 productions.

” plays all the tracks in random order.

HEARINGTIPP– February: “Desertstorm”


Shut up !


In 15 years of playing together, there have been a lot of course corrections.
The straight altuelle one is: Back to the roots.
Technique has become a lot in the course of time, but through the experiments with the synthesizer sounds it was exaggerated – and so it became obvious visible: the directness gets lost.
In the future, there will be no more synthetic sounds and no loops – so easy is renewal !
The consequence will be clearly audible: the cuts will be shorter and less complex. The multi-dimensional atmospheres and the “epic breadth”, which is now only conditionally possible, will be absent as well as the loops, which were not seldom piece-building and welded together many a cut and gave it his face. But the cuts will be more focused on the core – the musical impulse.
The attention that the operation of the technique requires shall flow back into the creative process – that’s the idea!
From the here and now in blind trust head first fall over and pick up the impulse even before becoming conscious, thus withdrawing the evaluation to unfiltered direct and fresh to express it
– that’s the dream!

Nasty girl

Nasty girl-01

Hello, my name is Anastasia – you can call me Nasty !
May I introduce . . . ? Our groupie !
She is “digital”. I found her in the digital cloud that surrounds us like the atmosphere. A brilliant photo from the primeval times of photography, when the reality was even sharper than the television picture today and Photoshop was not necessary, because the picture is convincing. I adopted it to express the “little tick madness” that sometimes haunts the BuDu’s.
The inspiration came from the picture, the text followed, and the music will follow sometime! ( BuDu revers = foreward again… or ? )
For the first time ( in our now 15 year band history ), here is the attempt to start from a finished text …
Both the procedure and the structure are, as an exception, as conventional as they can be. “Nasty girl” was unanimously chosen by us as our muse (assuming she limits herself to dancing during the rehearsals in the future – rather than again, as the play climaxes to rip out the plugs indiscriminately because Nasty feels to get not enough attention for a moment ).
Sontext without song
As I promised at the beginning of this year (see “Nasty lovesong”),
is there now “Nasty-Lovesong Nr 2”: “Nasty girl”
In my mind it is so present that I already can almost hear. , ,
A roguish punk, for once with real chorus.
At some point you will hear it too. . .

Cold rage

Electronic – ironic

You’ re stuck ( The knot )

1st set: “The Guru lights the candles”
2nd set: “You’re stuck”
3rd set: “Salvation”
This cut is dedicated to Manfred B.

So bright



Die Veröffentlichung des zugehörigen Videos erfolgt zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt, da die Freigabe des Bildmaterials durch die BBC noch nicht erfolgt ist.
Wie der Tonart fremder Welten entnommen, ertönt martialischer Gitarrennoise vor dem bizarre Kreaturen ins Bild schweben. Es handelt sich dabei um computeranimierte Flusaurier des Namens Ornitokairos*, die vor Millionen von Jahren ihr Element die Lüfte beherrschten. ( Das Element Erde gehörte, wie man sieht, nicht zu ihrem Herrschaftsbereich . . .).
Was uns erhält ist der Trieb zur Arterhaltung, was uns voranbringt, ist der Eigensinn. . .Die hier animierten Szenen aus dem Liebesleben der Saurier, zeigen, wie brutal und gnadenlos der Kampf um die meisten Begattungen gewesen sein könnte . . .und, sie zeigen das traurige Ende mißlungenen Begehrens eines einzelnen, der seine Aufgabe erfüllt hat und zum Schluss eine würdige Bestattung erfährt.
So war das, und so ist das.
Äh, äh, äh ! Ich kann ja nicht “schön” singen . . .
Zu singen wie ne Nachtigall
kommt mir nicht in den Sinn
Ich krächze wie ein Rabe
weil ich ein Rabe bin ! ,
aber in der richtigen Tonart zu würgen zu können, ist ja auch was(5:53 ).
Zu diesen fremdartigen Kreaturen, kommen fremdartige Tonarten und Intervalle. . .und dann schimpft da auch noch einer rückwärts in die monsrösen Klangwogen, die an den Strand branden.


Sail away

http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/Sailaway-Ses252-250417-M+H-Mix01-MasInt-Comp.mp3 It is a great experience, when 50 square meters sails are unfolding and move a sailing yacht with 5 tons weight like weightless through the sea. . .
Is that still “budu”. . . and adds one more other facet ? Or is that already “Schnullie-Pop” ?


http://buduclan.de/music/music1/mp3/WaBaDuDa-Ses278-080117-M+H-Mix-02-MasInt.mp3 Comic – ironic – symphonic
Dear Sirs, do you still have a sow that you can let out . . ?
Or have you sacrificed it on the altar of the “good conduct” to pray before this for freedom?
Your sow is the best of you, because the original impulses flow through their veins until they arrive above, my “clean gentlemens” . . .
WaBaDuDa !

Nasty lovesong

Then three come from completely different directions and unite to an
irresistible, wind-driven groove.
Into this energy commands are grumbled. . . and shrieked with horror. .
to end in the end in a love affair.

This is`nt only a nasty lovesong, it is a lovesong dedicatet to Nasty,
who I like to introduce later. Nasty loves horror movies a lot, so I hope
she likes this rough and atonal sound.
And because this love is deep, one can wait for NastyLovesong No 2,
No 3, etc. . .

No one cares

A man curses almost uninterruptedly, until also that goes away. . . and he drowns in the sea of tears. . .
He fights, snaps once more for air, and calls for help one last time. . . then he slippes into the strange world of deep grief, which becomes ever more powerful and menacing, crushing him to the end mercilessly.