What is .. the noise?

In addition to the (hopefully noticeable gameplay), there are several aspects that make the noise that produces BuDuClan obvious:
The idea of ​​”free music”
the conceptual “of their own inspiration to learn,”
the (considered the history of music) “Free Jazz-reverse”
But in order. . . . .

“Free Music”
BuDuClan respects every little noise and it can be part of the music, if it promotes the process of the musical activity, behaves but musical styles over completely disrespectful – why?
If music is the universal language of the soul, then it follows nor any syntax like love, when it is free and because true.
All art is only valuable if they had heard and “understood” is.
The “chatter” is an artist as long as irrelevant, as long as it does not succeed on his personal experience also express something of general concern, which is then in principle “capable of resonance.”
Whether this response is then set, pending the response preparedness and response capacity of the listener.
The response capability requires a unique imaginary experience that especially children who still enjoy the protection of naivety have. Punk fans sort out everything that is not punk, pop punk fans turn up at the nose. . .
Our life in this pre “box world” reminds us, although the choice takes us but the freedom of direct experience, if we allow it.
The response readiness touches deeper processes.
The defense of unpleasant feelings (displacement, compensation, etc.) is part of normal life management. But where unpleasant feelings no longer causes questions and the underlying energy is no longer perceived, but held knee-jerk defense, this strategy must be described as an obstacle to development.
So why should you listen to this intolerable Cog in the machinerie when there were just successfully repressed the discomfort as cog in a relentless production, – to feel and Konsummaschiene expresses ..?
Here are the ghosts.
This is about emancipation from “verordnetem madness”!
The chance to go to the Dargebotenem in resonance, and strengthening community self-assertion ! This resonance it goes BuDuClan!
All others may ask further “Cisis. .? What crisis? (Title of a Pink Floyd LP)

“Learning from one’s own inspiration”
The normal musical production follows the inner musical laws (harmony doctrine, theory of composition … and stylistic requirements etc) and the laws of the music market (“I gonna country a hit, then quit this crazy scene” – Jony Mitchell) (and is following a synonym for quality Art is “Can”) and anticipates uncritically the market laws. . . And thereby deprived himself of the immense potential.
Witter the animal in the wild, signs are, no matter how BuDuClan the key. This may a completely fragmented loop, which sounds like a “sick machine”: Beautiful Noise (humans mechanic / ill machines) are expressed support. . .
Dear inspired Gefuscht as boring re-enactment!
Here, one might think the audience was BuDuClan matter. . . Far from it!
The listener is something far more precious to be offered as a professional, flawless show rehearsed emotions, namely participation in the creative process in real time! – With all the risks and side effects that entails such an endeavor. – As life itself. . .
The reworking of the resulting so-called “cuts”, is limited to the truncation of longer lengths, cut out rough play and the sound technical error processing / mastering, but the resulting material respects unqualified. Nothing is added or changed.
This “re-experiencing” gives a clear view on the emergence of conditions, thereby raising awareness for future productions on. . .

Free Jazz “backward”
The big Befeiung “of music through free jazz in the 1960s, had disappeared the basic beat, the usual Funtionsharmonie and the tonality and opened the door for atonal, even non-musical sounds.
This movement was not only a musical but also a social and political pulse of self-assertion of the individual.
As always, this new form has been defined by the strategists and “bagged”.
“Free Jazz backward” means to resolve this defined shape again and to stretch in a wider context, acting in “the spirit of free jazz”, but moves beyond the defined boundaries and all (sounds, styles, etc) considered possible what is beneficial for the respective flow.
To overcome not only the narrowness of the established styles (like the crossover does), but to be open for all. . Link).”>. BuDuClan It has developed a unique form of “citation” (such as Get Back Beatles) (-> link). It is not played, not in the sense of a parallel invention interpreted independently but when it “flies”, it is kindly invited briefly paraphrased and grateful again dismissed. BuDuClan is no rock – jazz – or whatever band – that would be a perfect misunderstanding!
The joy of “freedom to share” and in real time to witness the creative process, which (if `s going well) may be inspired, is the essence in BuDuClan` s music. Playing in a band that plays only rock I’d be bored to death. . .

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