des BuDuClan Bassisten

I may have been with bassist BuDuClan over 9 years, but have adopted the concept of free improvisation in my piano project.
I run 2006 are a radio station on the internet, on the world map you can currently see my listeners and listeners are themselves.


Our life is moved, managed and fulfilled by our emotions. They are rich, varied, vital and powerful – if we allow it. Music is a wonderful medium to engage our emotions, intuition and creativity in contact.

My music comes out of the moment. I leave my inner experience and just play – without concept, without review. The pieces created are vivid, authentic and free of the claim to be perfect. You go – that confirm many of my listeners – straight to the heart, awaken inner images and visions.

Take advantage and enjoy my piano improvisations to find yourself, your personal, vital and creative experience. In order to give presents to all of us!

to me

I had to be 43 years old to discover the magic of improvisation. Twelve year I taught myself, full of enthusiasm, to play the piano. I drew on what I could get, I felt inspired and fulfilled. I started an active “music career.” I played, do it to this day, in various jazz, reggae, blues and rock bands, and later bass guitar keyboard.

Besides that I played classical pieces on the piano and composes. Strangely, I was with the result of my compositions never really satisfied.

Only when I gave me the inner permission to lay down on the improvisation, I arrived with me. It is as open, improvising a gateway to another dimension. I’m me, and yet, or perhaps because of, connected with all Being. I want my music to other people – you – makes this experience. Let yourself be touched!



MiBa-Piano, hat jetzt auch ein iPhone App!

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