When a band pays homage to the process and so it is serious, but it must play in front of a live audience! . . . Firstly, this “joint action” in larger and larger circles around them spread (and thus act only) to … and second only to “live” the atmosphere is possible, which results when BuDuClan boldly and freely as ` s just going in the sea of ​​a thousand possibilities crashes and not only not lost, but with creative power process on the line in the depth follows and manages each process to give a distinctive, unikate structure then the form “RESONNANZFÄHIG” makes. . . So why do these “Psedo live page?

The material published here is “compacted energy”! (Years of pleasurable music, loving, but very time-consuming Cutten …) This energy will now set free again, be transformed. Such a process is always free energy … (and we would not BuDu if we did not understand to use this).
The aforementioned objections are still valid and point in right direction. They give a clear view of the problems that have to be overcome: the geschüzte, intimate rehearsal room atmosphere promotes a more undisturbed opening inwards impossible but at the same time opening up to the outside.
BuDu is extremely used to because you have to sympathize internally, in order to understand what is happening. . . – So you have to be creative themselves by falling into resonance!
BuDu needs attentive listeners who dare to these NOW MUSIC engage and understand music to consult on its meaning there …
Finally, we are for the “Jazz Festival” to punk and punks too lyrical, rockers to jazzy and vice versa. . . And it sits there BuDu where BuDu belongs:
“Between two stools” – but free!

BuDu makes no songs about freedom – BuDu it tries to be!

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