Will summer come again ?

You critizize the world, but you don`t know much about
cause you made your soul a desert – entrance “NOT ALLOWED”
. . .and you beat the one`s who`re weaker and the trigger is revenge
and every time you do, you`re further from a change
You say : I don’t know. . . You say : I don’t know. . .

And me – I`m extraordinary, my feet don`t touch the ground !
the nearer that I try to get . . .the smaller chance t` get near to you
and I dance – dance – dance . . .

The center of this message is love and resonance . . .
and if you get into the rhythm, love is like a dance
and so I try to find a music, that`s deep and true and free
I hope that you can stand that stuff and hope that you can let it be

dance – dance – dance . . .
get into the rhythm, life is like a dance. . .
don’t know. . . don’t know. . . don’t know. . . if the summer comes, I
don’t know. . . don’t know. . . don’t know. . . if the summer comes

dance ! dance ! dance !
then the rhythm `s getting harder and the audience starts to rage
then the blood runs down the stage cause they shot me from the stage

I don`t know . . .if the summer comes . . .

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