(English) BuDu Manifesto -01

BuDu resists obstreperously ! because BuDu has recognised the whole and celebrates it…
All the more unsuitable it seems to depart the happily regained “unity” in bite-size titbits and to offer it in well-arranged rows like a new brand of bisquits (cf. CDs: RECKLESS; FLOW). Well it must make you wonder if such “bad boys” (who tear down everything just to put it together again to some new unity) run the risk in their sacred attempt to be misunderstood as a Pock- Punk-, Jazzband or the like.He who misses for instance the “hypnotic” in a piece,
must endure boredom. NO! We are playing from the moment and want to empty out the whole horn of plenty of music respectively make resound what is just resonating within us; … even more, we want to have others participate in
this process and be astonished with you at what is happening there, like children who listen up to a now noise that they haven´t heard before.
But as there dwells, where the greatest fear sits, also the greatest happiness awaiting, we are daring tentative steps into the unknown – full of promises and full of danger!… and side by side we are working through to new worlds of sound
(if it goes well !), looking for the common flow.
THAT to live through without being a musician oneself, must be wonderful. And just THAT IS IT WHAT IT´S ALL ABOUT!

Anyone who manages not to be scared by all that recklessness will discover a peaceful mind behind it that does not only believe in the “good” but behaves accordingly.

+ history of music ( from the first humming across folk tunes, styles to free music)
+ social sculpture / plastic (??) (musical garbage. stars and clichés vs. What nobody would want to listen to)
+ the horn of plenty the bowl everyone is scooping from: the nature of things and the depth of the human soul.

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