(English) BuDu Manifesto -02

about the singing of the birds . . .
Sound arises from an authentic impulse that expresses the living being in the world… and fades again.
Anyone who doesn´t listen misses it, who doesn´t feel into it will miss the message which it actually is. This unity of being here and now incorporates the original power.
Now the spring birds´ tweet-tweet fervently echoes into the world: “fuck me”, and they repeat this urgent desire from biological need rather than joy of singing…
BuDu finds the music like the prick finds the hole.
The products of the music industries, reigned by commercial interests and random repeatability, deny this uniqueness. They style up the artists to make them stars who rehearse for the show and pay them for it and the audience applauds, admires and thus in a fatal way cements the course of our society. Human capital, social garbage and dictions the like strikingly denote what is going on here.
Historically seen the responsibility of arts in society used to be the reflection of the common on an emotional level. – And so it does in a brilliant way: see “DSDS”, the Germany looking for the super star – show on TV.

Musical roots:
– deeply sourced like Bach, intense like (the former) Genesis,
– experimental like King Crimson,
– poetical like Joni Mitchell,
– free like Greatful Dead – Free Jazz…
– interacting like a FreeJazzTrio, an AllStarBand: spontaneous…
– session not at random but in concentrated search for the intensification of a just present impulse – like a “musical conversation”.

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